When a bio-digital universe comes under the threat of a polymorphic invader, an unlikely hero must rise and rectify the chaos that has been wrought upon his system!

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Never say nigh!

Nigh.   Hello again. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that the grind continues. Slowly, but surely… Excruciatingly, but inexorably! Development limps forward as I push towards glory and liberation. Did I mention this last level is five times bigger, five times more complex, and five times more intense than any of … Continue reading Never say nigh!

The End is Nigh!

Close…. getting closer! I’m currently working away at the final level and it is certainly looking interesting so far. As of right now, the level is actually split into two scenes with the first being an intro for the player to explore before transitioning via cut scene to part 2. In part 2, the fun … Continue reading The End is Nigh!

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