Where the game is at now…

Although the game design document for Data Dream has been slowly coming together over the past few years, development of the initial prototype didn’t begin until July of 2016. Since then, progress has been made towards the main mechanics and framework of the game. Data Dream is a 3rd Person, adventure, platformer, RPG.

At this time, the main character has been modeled, rigged, and animated and all of his in game functionality and mechanics have been completed. Although most of the levels are still bare,  the framework of the game has been established and features full level progression, in level save/restore points, persistent memory, quality control settings, and more. There are currently two fully functional enemy units which reside in a white boxed demo level. Now that the main character has been completed, the development of levels and more non playing characters will be going underway.

Data Dream is being constructed with the Unity game engine, the 3D modeling application, Blender, and the audio creation tools Audacity and Mixcraft 7. The game is being developed and produced by Cold Water Daemon. Follow development on Twitter @CWDgamedev.


Data Dream blog now live

The Data Dream blog site is now live! Please check back frequently to keep up to date on the the development progression. Feel free to leave feedback, ask questions, or even contact the developer if you have something you’d like to say!