Fleshing out some Levels


Something I’ve been anxious to get started out on for a while now is level design. Up until about a week ago, most of the level layouts existed only in my mind. This week, I decided to get started on putting them to where they belong, in the game!  Continue reading



Hello loyal fans and compatriots! Anyone watch the inauguration? I’ll be curious to see how the next four years go… Anywho! This week I decided to do a bit of housekeeping on both the game file system and the Game Design Document. So not much to show, but certainly a lot of behind the scenes work done.  Continue reading

Facebook Page Up and Running


Hey all, just a quick update to let you know that the facebook page for Data Dream is now up and running! So feel free to swing by and check it out 🙂

On another note, last week I got some feedback on my previous post (Asset Creation Continued…) and made some minor changes in accordance. Following my first two posts, some viewers requested some more detailed updates and so I had made the Asset Creation Continued post a bit longer. Well, now people are saying that Continue reading

Asset Creation Continued…


Hello and welcome to 2017! Hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready to take on the new year! Over the month of December, I have been continuing on my quest to create models of the NPC’s for each level. There’ll be somewhere between 26-30 NPC’s, so still a ways to go, but I’m about 1/3 the way through. What you see up above is a concept model for a character I’ve code named Conduit. Although he appears menacing, he’ll actually be more of a neutral character. Helping out the player, albeit in a begrudging manner.

Continue reading