Hello loyal fans and compatriots! Anyone watch the inauguration? I’ll be curious to see how the next four years go… Anywho! This week I decided to do a bit of housekeeping on both the game file system and the Game Design Document. So not much to show, but certainly a lot of behind the scenes work done. 

When coming up with concepts for my models, I like to go over my notes in the GDD and see what I’ve written about the characters so that I might get a better idea of what I will be aiming to create. Well, as I’ve been creating these models, I’ve noticed that I’ve left some areas of the GDD with an insufficient amount of detail. Back when I moved from setting up the GDD to actual development, I still wasn’t fully aware of what I would actually be able pull off as far as 3D modeling and programming goes, so I intentionally left some portions somewhat vaguely detailed. As I’ve been working on new assets though, I’ve picked up some new skills and learned where my strengths and weaknesses are. So now that I’ve got a more accurate scope of my abilities, I’ve gone back and refined and restructured the rough areas of the GDD with more detail.

For a while now, I have been putting off learning how to implement cutscenes but this week I decided to bite the bullet. I was worried because it was my understanding that movie textures, a feature required to display video files in the game engine, were only available with Unity Pro. After a bit of research though, I discovered that movie textures were freely included with one of the latest versions of Unity 5. This is some great news because otherwise I was going to have to figure out some hacky method to make them happen.

Soon after this discovery, I began learning about how to implement the feature. I whipped up an avi render in blender and brought it into the engine where I was able to go further by setting up a template cutscene.   With the new cutscene template created, I restructured the game framework and inserted the templates accordingly. So now when the final cutscenes are ready, I should be able to easily swap them in.

While 3D modeling is going great, I am getting a little worried that my programming skills are getting a bit rusty. This became a little more obvious when I was creating the scripts for the cutscene template. I’m not awful again, but I’m thinking it might be a good idea to take care of some programming tasks, even if they’re minor, more regularly. So next week, my intention is to write a few scripts that will be going along with some of the recently created models.

Anywho, that’s about it for now. Hope everyone’s week went well. Until next time!


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