Trial and Error…

Well folks, it has been a quite a week. As I mentioned in my last update, I’m getting started on putting together the second level and experimenting with some new techniques. There really doesn’t seem to be much information out there on how to create large level assets outside of utilizing Unity’s terrain editor or other terrain generating tools. For those of you who might not know, the issue is texturing (putting the ‘skin’ on models). The 3D models can be as big as you want them to be, but generally, textures are generally limited in size/resolution. Therefore, when you try to wrap a large object with an undersized texture, the texture loses resolution and the model looks like crap. The typical method for handling this issue is to tile your texture. So if it’s something like the ground, you can have a huge plane and tile your ground texture to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, when it comes to items that have more geometric features, tiling doesn’t work quite so well.

There are methods for making large terrains and texturing them, however, my issue is that I need to be able to create overhanging geometry, like a ceiling on a cave or the bottom of a floating island, which, to make a long story short, you can’t do with terrains. So, I’ve been brainstorming and trying out different ideas. The next popular method that I will be trying out is atlas textures. It’s somewhat similar to tiling except that you choose what parts of your geometry are textured with explicitly defined parts of your texture. The upside is that you can texture large assets, even a whole environment, the downside is that it can become dangerously repetitive and boring if not well executed.

When not working on the larger assets, I’ve been dusting off my sculpting skills and working on some smaller assets like boulders and whatnot. I’m trying to see what I can get away with as far as retopology goes and so far it’s going alright. All I can say is thanks be to the good folks of cgcookie. It’s all too much to remember everything so it’s great to have their library of tutorials at my disposal.

Anyway, I’m afraid I don’t have anything too flashy to show you, just a crappy screenshot of the level so far. At the very least, I feel like the level layout is coming along fairly well. I’m getting a good feel for where everything will be, how big it all needs to be, so on and so forth. Hopefully next week I will have something more presentable to dazzle you with, but for now, I leave you with this…


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