NBC Fight

So this week I finally got to start working on the first boss fight…

Actually the character, code named NBC, is not really a boss so to speak, but he will still be wanting to test your skills. It’s the first boss fight I’ve created so there were a lot of new challenges, especially in design. I gave myself two weeks to make it, but once I started, I found that I couldn’t stop myself and got it done in four days! That’s not to say there weren’t any hurtles… There were certainly some pretty tricky challenges, but fortunately I was able to push through or work around the adversity I encountered.

In this confrontation, the NBC is shielded by a rotating orb of plates and uses 3 different attacks to take down the player. Usually our protagonist can suffer two attacks from normal enemies before defeat, but in this challenge, if the player takes any damage at all, the fight is over. In the first attack, the NBC summons a wave of explosive minions. If they come within a certain range of the player, they begin a brief detonation sequence. If the player is unable to exit the blast radius before the boom, then the fight is over. In the second attack, the NBC fires off a Kamehameha type projectile that homes in on the player. The player must evade the projectile and any remaining minions until the projectile self destructs. Finally, in an act of desperation, the NBC blasts away his protective shield in the hopes of taking down the player with the ensuing shrapnel. There’s a bit more that I can’t give away, but all in good time young padawan… all in good time.




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