Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited for 2018. Initially, I was feeling pretty meh about our prior year, but after taking a closer look, I realized that there was some stuff to be happy about; at least in my circle of influence. After reviewing this very blog, it dawned upon me that I actually got a fair amount of poop done in the last 365 days.

As I was wrapping up what would be the last workday of the year, I sat back for a moment and looked back upon what had been accomplished. After I mentally masticated this little tidbit for a time, the corners of my mouth turned slightly upward and an eyebrow dipped whilst its opposite ascended. I was suddenly, quietly, and secretly, just a little bit ticklish about where Data Dream would be 365 days from that very moment.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. This game is almost nothing like what I had originally envisioned. From the moment I began this treacherous quest, this game, this idea, this thing which has made itself manifest through the mortal interface of my human configuration, has evolved, shifted, and mutated into whatever form necessary to survive and strike me onward. The fact that what I’ve created so far resembles little of my initial vision isn’t deterring; not even remotely. It’s actually very exciting. I probably have more fun looking back through my blog than most of you!

The whole development process really does feel like evolution in a way. I’ll have an idea of what I want and try a thing to make it a reality. If it works and I’m happy with it, it stays. Far more often though, the first thing goes out the window followed by a slew of other hopefuls that were sadly deemed unworthy. This process generally repeats for a time until a shoe that fits is found. I think nature kinda takes the same approach with genetic mutations, survival of the fittest, etc. Actually hackers even used to employ a similar, albeit, crude technique known as the brute force method to crack passwords. It worked, but was slow. Hopefully I’m a little more efficient.

ANYWAY! Enough blabbing. I’m guessing nobody is here for that anyway. Here’s a little snippet of a thing I was trying out today!

Snap Steps Gif.gif

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