The End is Totally Not Nigh…

But the gears turn all the same.

So, due to some unforeseen circumstances, development got put on hold for a couple weeks. Nothing catastrophic, just a minor setback. This last week, I dusted off the previous save file and picked up where I left off. In case you forgot where that was, it was at mid construction of the final level. This level is really taking on some serious shape and is about 3 times bigger and 5 times more complex than the next biggest/most complex level. In typical overreaching me fashion, I am pushing myself to the limits of my abilities and really feel like I’m riding the edge of a cliff. Brainstorming and prototyping new ideas is very stressful. It’s very easy to burn valuable chunks of time by building something and then finding out it’s not fun to play. Little by little though, the level is coming along and rest assured that I will be taking no shortcuts!

At the moment, the structure of this final level can be broken down into five parts/stages. Of the five, two are done and the third is about halfway there. All in all, things are looking pretty decent so far, but there’s still plenty of work to be done.

In other news, you may have noticed on the way in that I’ve done a bit of remodeling on the old website! Game development is hard, but web dev is straight up infuriating lol. I won’t go in to details, but believe you me, there were some vernaculars flying around here that would make a sailor blush. Buy anyway, yea, I persisted and I like to think that the place looks a bit nicer. I’ve also set up email subscriptions so feel free to join the party! If there’s anything you do or do not like about the new setup, please feel free to let me know. Just about every link on the site points to a way to reach out to me so take your pick. That’s all for now, sign up for email notifications and check back soon!

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