Back with a little tid bit!

Hey all, just wanted to say what up and provide you with a quick snapshot of the progress on the current level. For the most part, the tedious work of white box testing is over and done with and I’ve also dialed down the boss mechanics, so it’s time to start adding some detail! I literally just finished modeling the last section (of 3) about an hour ago and just slapped a couple quick materials on to see how it feels. What do you think?



Nested For Loops, Quaternions and Multidimensional Arrays… OH MY!

ransomware profile cropped

Well actually, no quaternions. At least not this time. I just needed a third complicated sounding thing for the title. The other two are legit though. This week I began a new level with a puzzle. Worry not, player, you won’t have to be a rocket appliantist to solve it. But good God! It was a pain in the rear to set up.

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If you’re feeling a little beat down…

So yesterday, I finished another level for my game. I’m pretty happy about it as it’s a good milestone to achieve. (I actually thought I finished it on Friday, but my roommate broke it in a run through on Saturday. So I fixed the issue Sunday and added the last little bit of polish on Monday.) Today however, I found myself in a spot that I don’t necessarily like being in… brainstorm day.

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